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February 3, 2014 by lANII

Greetings Y’All! 😀

Now I realize this may seem unattainable, or this post unnecessary, but if you really think about it, you will agree it is necessary, and feasible too!

The concept of many Nigerians making the effort to contribute to change, where it begins with You. And yours truly 🙂

Change in our habits. In our thinking patterns, from: I cant do it to I can do it, It’s not possible, to it is possible, I believe it, therefore I have what I say! It sure is liberating, believe me! 😉 – #word of the week!

Now, pertaining to this Blog, NigeriaReviews is one of the ways we can make a difference. We give voice regarding opinions we hold towards products and services we consume. Relay our different experiences as Nigerians or Inhabitants of this beautiful country on every subject matter that there is – mobile recharge cards that fail to load inputted value, unruly bank customer care service attendants, police brutality, you name it!

Yes, We have a gazillion things screaming for our attention each day, so taking the time to document our experiences may not come easy to everyone. But we could take the time to “Yay” or “Nay” a topic in discuss when it pops up on our Facebook or Twitter activity timeline. It is believed that if you practice something often enough, you master it, and if you really want something, you need work hard for it and with God’s blessings, you can have it.  Especially in this case! 😀

So, if WE propagated the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ messages mostly through the virtual space/media of Twitter, Facebook, Chat applications such as Bbm, Whatsapp and such, WE stayed put at home or went on the streets, in the January of 2012, If WE exposed the folly of incumbent administrators also by propagating the ‘My Oga at the Top’ video, what can WE not change?

With diligence. If WE persist through the course and quest expressed in the second stanza of our National Anthem ” …great lofty heights attained to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”

So Fellow Nigerians, Review Nigeria’s products and services. Everyday. Without fail. We buy the products. We pay for these services. In the Private and Public sectors. LetsdoIT! 😉 😀


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